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Practical aspects

Opening hours & location

There is always something new to discover at museum van Bommel van Dam. Plan your visit well in advance. Below you will find our opening hours and directions to the museum.

Museum opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday, both days included, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Keulsepoort 1
5911 BX Venlo

The nearest parking locations are Deken van Oppensingel and the Q-Park Arsenaal parking garage. From both locations you can reach us within 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that these parking locations charge a fee, also on Sundays!

How to get here by car

Along all the roads leading to the centre of Venlo, you will find signs to Venlo-Centrum and Station Venlo (the railway station). Follow these signs to park at Deken van Oppensingel or in the Q-Park Arsenaal parking garage.

How to get here by public transport

Are you coming by train or by bus? Get off at the Venlo NS train station. Opposite the station you will see the Limburgs Museum. Cross the roundabout on your left and on the square in front of the Limburgs Museum take a diagonal left turn. The building on your right, with the gold-coloured façade, is museum van Bommel van Dam.

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Armando: seen through a friend’s eyes

A personal insight into the life and work of a multi-faceted artist

Armando (1929-2018) is one of the most significant Dutch artists of the past hundred years. His powerful, often monumental paintings and sculptures are about guilt and innocence, perpetrators and victims, and about good and particularly about evil. However, Armando was more than just a painter and sculptor. He was also a theatre and TV producer, poet, journalist, violinist and friend. The exhibition Armando: door de ogen van een vriend (Armando: seen through a friend’s eyes) in museum van Bommel van Dam gives a personal insight into the life and works of this multi-faceted artist. This is a retrospective exhibition interwoven with conversations between Armando and his lifelong friend Cherry Duyns (1944). Armando: door de ogen van een vriend runs from 18 March until 12 November 2023 (extended!).

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Tango - Fons Schobbers in beeld

A glimpse into the artistic practices of Fons Schobbers

A red sculpture made of steel has been a marking point on the Maasboulevard in Venlo for the last five years. The sculpture is ten metres high and weighs 24 tonnes. The shape is simple, yet continues to surprise the viewer as it looks different from every point of view. The name of this sculpture, Tango, refers to the game of repelling and attracting, so characteristic of the fiery Argentine dance of the same name, but also of the relationship between the city and the river. The artist: Fons Schobbers (Venlo, 1947). Fons has been working on an extensive collection of artworks for the last 50 years and continuously pushes the boundaries between what is feasible from a craftsmanship point of view and what is artistically desirable. Tango – Fons Schobbers in beeld gives a glimpse into the world and artistic practices of the artist behind this remarkable piece of art. The exhibition takes place from 15 July to 22 October 2023.