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In 1969, Maarten en Reina van Bommel-van Dam gave their collection of over 1,100 works of art to the city of Venlo. This, however, did not mean that the Van Bommels stopped collecting. In 1985, the couple decided to designate their private collection, encompassing 400 more pieces, to the Van Bommel van Dam Foundation. This collection was then transferred to the City of Venlo as a long-term loan.

The Van Bommel van Dam Foundation was founded in 1976. It was given to Maarten van Bommel as a gift for his 70th birthday by family and friends. The foundation has as its goal to curate and display the works of art given to the foundation by the Van Bommel-van Dam couple. Furthermore, the foundation wants to stimulate the visual arts by means of awarding an incentive award, the Van Bommel van Dam Award, which was created in 1977, to young visual artists.

GOALS (from the statutes)

The foundation has as its goals, (for public benefit excluding any and every profit motive):

1. The advancement of the visual arts, by, inter alia, occasionally awarding a stimulating and/or appreciative award from the therefor available means;

2. The taking care of and caring for the artworks handed over, or to be handed over, in ownership to the foundation from the private collection by the Van Bommel-van Dam couple, as well as the acquiring, preserving, and, next to the already acquired pieces, exhibiting of said artworks in publicly accessible locations, which are free of charge or reasonably charged for all. Said exhibitions will consist of predominantly 20th-century or later dated visual artwork of high quality, representing the level of the relevant artist(s);

3. To take into account with what has been agreed between parties considering the exhibiting of artwork, taking note of the donation agreement from 29 January 1969 between the Van Bommel – Van Dam couple and the municipality of Venlo;

4. When acquiring artwork, to take into consideration the collection of artworks already in possession of the municipality of Venlo;

5. The encouragement of the creation of a loan agreement with the municipality of Venlo where the artwork in possession of the foundation is concerned;

6. When acquiring artwork, attention must be given to artwork of which the importance, by judgement of the board, of temporarily governing tendencies is not recognised or not recognised enough;

7. To strive for regularly exhibiting, in a sensible manner and as public as possible, of artists whose works are represented in the foundation’s collection;

8. To do all which is connected to the abovementioned goals or which is conducive towards those goals.


The van Bommel van Dam Foundation has an ANBI status. Whoever donates to a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling; ANBI), can deduct the gift from their income tax. The organisation itself does not have to pay gift or inheritance tax.

You read all the details about how a gift to the Van Bommel van Dam Foundation is tax deductable on the website (Dutch only). More information can also be found on the Dutch Tax Authority website (Dutch only).

FOUNDATION DATA Stichting van Bommel van Dam

RSIN/ID/fiscal number: 812090238 Chamber of Commerce number: 41062450 IBAN: NL78 INGB 0688 3706 59

Board contact details

Board members (A category): Mr. D.M. (Martijn) de Jong-Tennekes (treasurer) – Ms. C.D.H. (Clary) Scheres, and Mr. M.C. (Matthijs) de Jong.

Board members (B catergory): Mr. P. (Peter) Thissen (chairman) – Ms. (Gemma) Verschaeren (secretary), and Mr. R.H.J. (Richard) Wering.

Foundation address:

Museum van Bommel van Dam Keulsepoort 1 5911 BX Venlo T: (+31) (0)77-351 34 57


The Van Bommel van Dam Award is awarded periodically to a promising and professional artist from the Netherlands who is younger than 35, and who works on flat surfaces only (painting, drawing, photography, graphics). The prize consists of a certificate, €5000 (£4232/$5508), an invitation to participate with an exhibition, and the purchase of a work by the foundation. Twelve artists are selected by a team of selectors from the Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany). A jury of five will chose the winner from that selection. The prize was awarded for the 16th time on 15 October 2016. The winner was Magdalen Kita (Dębica (Polen), 1983).

The Van Bommel van Dam Award is an initiative of the Van Bommel van Dam Foundation and will be back when the museum is open again.

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