Four times a year, Museum van Bommel van Dam presents #theartof (in Dutch #dekunstvan). Because art is from and for everyone. A project in which we let companies, artists, and the people of Venlo create a guest exhibition together. From which forms of art do they get their inspiration? What are the best pieces of our own collection? Which of their favourite artists have had an influence on their life, and which works of art would they choose if they were allowed an exhibition in Museum van Bommel van Dam? From these questions a personal #theartof exhibition is made. The exhibitions consist of artwork from external artists and artists from our own museum collection.

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Motive #theartof is an exhibition that can only be viewed online and where companies, artists, and the people of Venlo are offered an online guest curatorship by the museum. The project was given life from the need to remain visible to the public during the transitional period. During this period, Museum van Bommel van Dam wants to remain visible to both visitors as the people of Venlo. This was the starting point for the development of the #theartof project for the museum together with Bureau Magneet (a local online marketing specialist). This is how both the museum as (a part of) the collection will remain visible to the public, even if it’s ‘only’ online. This way the public is stimulated to come and admire the artwork in real life as soon as the museum opens again in 2021.

Launch Marij Pollux-Linssen, alderman for Durability, Culture, and Events in the Venlo city council, has been invited to launch the project. Museum van Bommel van Dam thought alderman Pollux-Linssen to be the most suitable to be the first guest curator because of her job as alderman of Culture.

Online art expo Have you ever come across a work of art on a news website, in a weather app, or when you were playing a game on your phone? We are using the whole online domain as an exhibition space. So you could come across artwork on external websites! The exhibition can be viewed online on the website of Museum van Bommel van Dam, and one work of art will be put in the spotlight on the museum’s social media channels every week.

Guest curator Museum van Bommel van Dam and Bureau Magneet invite Venlo-based entrepreneurs, artists, and the people of Venlo to create an online exhibition. Want to know who the next guest curator will be? Follow us on our website and social media channels!

Participants so far: Marij Pollux-Linssen, alderman for Durability, Culture, and Events in Venlo Sjeng van Velzen, art director at Calico Jack This project is a collaboration between Bureau Magneet and Museum van Bommel van Dam.

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